Sunday, August 26, 2018

Transitioning Technical Professional Service & Payment for Outcomes

With the advent of bug bounties, the transition of healthcare charges aligned to outcomes, and the history of legal services tied to outcomes, there needs to be a transition to technical professional services being aligned to outcomes.

Now, one may argue that FFP "packaged" projects are already tied to outcomes, though those are far & few between.

So, eventually industry should tie compensation to outcomes & we may see a better percentage of efficiencies from the larger consulting firms.

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Cloud Architecture: Build (IaaS) versus Buy (PaaS)

Cloud providers are introducing many new services to their portfolios.  So, organizations now have a decision to make regarding build vs buy.

Here are pros & cons for each:

PaaS / Buy: (pros) time to market, CapEx reductions; (cons) usually multi-tenant, will require skill-set updates, vendor lock-in, OpEx increases

IaaS / Build: (cons) familiar ITSM / ITIL model, CapEx focus, single tenant, existing skill-set, increased portability; (cons) slower agility